In The Word Volume 8 DVD

In The Word Volume 8 DVD

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John Bradshaw
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185 minutes and 18 seconds

Taking you deep inside the Word of God, In The Word presents inspirational preaching from It Is Written. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for a wide range of Biblical subjects. Always Christ-centered, always relevant, In The Word brings the Bible alive. You'll be blessed and encouraged as God's Word is opened and proclaimed on In The Word.
Uplifting sermons for you, your church or your small group.

Volume 8 includes:

1. The River:
The prophet Ezekiel saw a river flowing from the temple of God. Join John Bradshaw for “The River” and discover what God’s commission to His end-time church really is.

2. Great Expectations:
God is able to turn around the most challenging situation. Join John Bradshaw for “Great Expectations” and encounter the God who brings light out of darkness.

3. Five Steps to Spiritual Victory:
You can experience spiritual victory in the place of spiritual failure. Join John Bradshaw for “Five Steps to Spiritual Victory” and learn how sin can be defeated in your life.

4. Power:
The Bible says the gospel is “the power of God to salvation.” How can a person experience the power of God? Don’t miss “Power,” presented by John Bradshaw.