In The Word Volume 2 DVD

In The Word Volume 2 DVD

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John Bradshaw
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135 minutes 22 seconds

Taking you deep inside the Word of God, In The Word presents inspirational preaching from It Is Written. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for a wide range of Biblical subjects. Always Christ-centered, always relevant, In The Word brings the Bible alive. You'll be blessed and encouraged as God's Word is opened and proclaimed on In The Word.
Uplifting sermons for you, your church, or your small group.

Volume 2 includes:

1. The Unsung:
An unassuming Englishman saved the lives of almost 700 children and told no one for 50 years. In the Bible, four men bring someone to the feet of Jesus. We don't know their names, but their actions changed a life and still speak to us today. In "The Unsung", Pastor John Bradshaw reminds us that even the humblest actions can have a life-changing effect.

2. Forgiveness:
God wants to forgive us, but He can't forgive someone who harbors resentment and unforgiveness. Join Pastor John Bradshaw as we discuss the topic of forgiveness and its power to mend and restore a broken heart.

3. Lightened with His Glory:
Light is important for many of life's basic functions. The Bible says Jesus is the "Light of the world," but Jesus told His followers they were to be "the light of the world." Discover His plan to use you to light up the world with a revelation of His character.

4. Remember Lot's Wife:
Given every opportunity to flee to safety, Lot's wife turned back towards her home and turned into a pillar of salt. God still calls people to follow Him without looking back. What can we learn from the experience of Mrs. Lot and her family? And why did Jesus say, "Remember Lot's Wife"?