In The Word Volume 3 DVD

In The Word Volume 3 DVD

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John Bradshaw
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155 minutes 19 seconds

Taking you deep inside the Word of God, In The Word presents inspirational preaching from It Is Written. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for a wide range of Biblical subjects. Always Christ-centered, always relevant, In The Word brings the Bible alive. You'll be blessed and encouraged as God's Word is opened and proclaimed on In The Word.
Uplifting sermons for you, your church, or your small group.

Volume 3 includes:

1. The Fiery Trial:
Trials come into the life of every person born, and God doesn't always intervene to stop them. Why does God allow trials to challenge us? How should we respond when trials come? This biblical look at the purpose of trials will grow your faith in God, help you to look past your immediate situation, and trust in Him to get you through!

2. Free Fall:
Both bridges were masterpieces of design and cost millions of dollars to build. But they collapsed, causing terrible damage and loss of life. Just as bridges are not supposed to fall, it isn't God's intention that Christians fall. So what happens when you do? Join Pastor John Bradshaw for an encouraging look at how God treats those who fail and fall.

3. Look and Live:
Before Jesus shared the most famous verse in the Bible, He spoke with a wealthy man about his need to be born again. As he spoke to Nicodemus, Jesus took him (and takes us) back to a fascinating Old Testament story that outlines the profoundly simple yet powerful science of conversion. How are we to be saved? Join Pastor John Bradshaw to learn how simple salvation really is.

4. The Second Coming:
The hope of all the world. The return of Jesus to this world is described by Paul as "the blessed hope". What does the Second Coming of Jesus mean to you? Learn how the message of Jesus' return can encourage you in your daily experience and add power to your relationship with Him.