In The Word Volume 1 DVD

In The Word Volume 1 DVD

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John Bradshaw

Taking you deep inside the Word of God, In The Word presents inspirational preaching from It Is Written. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for a wide range of Biblical subjects. Always Christ-centered, always relevant, In The Word brings the Bible alive. You'll be blessed and encouraged as God's Word is opened and proclaimed on In The Word.

Uplifting sermons for you, your church or your small group.

Volume 1 includes episodes:

1. For Us:
Jesus. The Savior of the world. But it seems many are confused about whose side Jesus is on. When trials come, people feel as though Jesus is not on their side. "For Us" goes inside the book of Hebrews and discovers where Jesus is and what He is doing now.

2. Dog Food:
A gentile woman came seeking healing for her daughter. Jesus, the Savior of the world, told the woman the children's food should not be given to "dogs." Why did Jesus address the woman in this way? And what was it about her response that demonstrated great faith?

3. Gracious:
What is grace? How does it work in the life of a believer? And how does grace operate in the life of a sinner? Using contrasting examples of two towering figures of Bible history, "Gracious" reveals a God who is always loving, always good, and always gracious.

4. The Temple of God:
In Athens, Greece, stand the ruins of a remarkable temple, dedicated to the king of the Olympian gods. Much is known about ancient temples, but how much is known about the temple of God? Where is it? What's going on there? And how does it affect your life today?

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