The Seventh Day DVD set

The Seventh Day DVD set

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Hosted By:
Hal Holbrook
Run Time:
4 hours 39 minutes

This fascinating documentary spotlights the ages-long controversy over the biblical day of worship--the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments. It's a story that spans thousands of years and links key evidence from around the world:

--from the cool green hills of St. Patrick's Ireland to the steaming South American jungle;

--from the massacre of a thousand Jews in the Palestinian desert to the bloody Taiping Revolution in 19th-century China;

--from the divisive heresies of the early Christian era to the fiery executions of the "heretics" in Red Square.

Hal Holbrook hosts this remarkable exposé, supported by the testimony of more than fifty historians and theologians with Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Jewish perspectives.

Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, The Seventh Day challenges common assumptions, reconnecting the Judeo-Christian holy day to its biblical, cultural, and traditional roots.