Cats! DVD Set

Cats! DVD Set

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John Bradshaw, Mark Finley, George Vandeman

What can we learn about God and the Bible from earth's fiercest predators? Join George Vandeman, Mark Finely, and John Bradshaw in Cats! for three wild encounters from classic It Is Written broadcasts.

DVD set includes: 

    • How to Live with a Tiger: How do you tame selfishness, pride, a loose tongue, impatience, anger, jealousy? These things live like a tiger inside the human heart. In spite of how good we look on the outside, we have a tiger inside—a tiger that we can't control. Filmed in 1975, this It Is Written classic features, George Vandeman, as he invites two tigers on set and teaches just how you can live with a tiger. Includes 30 minutes of bonus material!
    • Surviving the Lion's Roar: Daniel's adherence to principle eventually sent him face-to-face with lions. It's one thing to hear the roar of danger off in the distance, it's another when the roar erupts right in front of you. Filmed in 1992, Mark Finley and his special guest Joseph make the account of Daniel's experience in the lion's den vivid and real.
    • King of Beasts: The majestic lion is referred to as the "king of beasts." Filmed in 2016 on location in Zimbabwe, John Bradshaw's wild encounter with African lions provides insights into important scriptural principles, offering hope in Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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