Maximum Health DVD Set

Maximum Health DVD Set

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Presented By:
John Bradshaw
Dr. Neil Nedley
Release Date:
2015, 2016
Run Time:
Each episode - 28 minutes 30 seconds
Yes - Except Beating Diabetes

Discover the answers to important questions about intelligence, brain health, and emotions.

Set includes 8 DVDs:

Emotional Intelligence: What Is It?

Each of us has a vast array of available emotions, and if we learn to identify and manage our emotions in a positive way, they can become incredibly beneficial. Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil to discover what emotional intelligence is, how to employ it in our daily lives, and why it forms an important part of your relationship with God.

Controlling Your Emotions

Instead of being controlled by our emotions, how can we use them to our advantage? Join John Bradshaw as he interviews Dr. Neil Nedley and discover how your emotions form a vital part of your relationship with God, and how you can get the best out of the mind God gave you.

Becoming a Smarter You

As humans, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created by God to thrive. Incredibly, we make decisions and do things to our brains, our minds, that sometimes hold us back from thriving. But by the grace of God, there are those things that can reverse the damage. Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley to learn how.

Peak Performance

Join Dr. Neil Nedley and John Bradshaw to learn how to get the most from your body! You want to be your very best, and with God’s help, you can! "Peak Performance" will help you function at optimum levels, and utilize your God-given gifts to a great capacity!

Pathway to Hope

The saying goes, "Healthy body, healthy mind." With God’s help, you can get much more out of life than you’ve ever imagined. Be blessed by this presentation with John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley, and get on the pathway to health!

Food for Thought

Our daily choices influence our health—physically and mentally. John Bradshaw and special guest Dr. Neil Nedley as he explains how, on God’s plan, you can eat your way to better health. Now that’s food for thought!

Boosting Your Brain

It’s one of our most precious possessions, but likely isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley to learn how to boost your brain function and open your mind to richer blessings from God.

Beating Diabetes

It’s a killer and it causes illness, injury and distress. But in many cases, diabetes can be simply beaten. Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley to find out how you—or those you care about—can beat diabetes.