In The Word Volume 4 DVD


Taking you deep inside the Word of God, In The Word presents inspirational preaching from It Is Written.  Join Pastor John Bradshaw for a wide range of Biblical subjects.  Always Christ-centered, always relevant, In The Word brings the Bible alive.  You’ll be blessed and encouraged as God’s Word is opened and proclaimed on In The Word.


Uplifting sermons for you, your church or your small group.
Volume 4 includes episodes:
  1. Momentum:
    In our personal witness and in our personal experience with God, it is important that we press forward and not allow anything to cause us to turn back. In “Momentum,” Pastor John Bradshaw discusses impediments to spiritual growth and effective spiritual witness and urges you to continue forward in your relationship with God.
  2. Don’t Judge a Book:
    It has often been said that we should not judge a book by its cover. Yet how often do we judge people by appearances? Many “unlikely” people have come to faith in God—a number of whom are mentioned in the Bible. As we respond to the great commission given by Jesus, it’s important that we see every person as a potential citizen of God’s eternal kingdom.
  3. You Can Live Forever:
    In 1997, a woman in France died at the age of 122, the oldest verified person in modern times. Yet Methuselah lived to be 969, while Adam lived to be 930. God’s promise is that His children will live forever. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for “You Can Live Forever” and discover how the Savior who gave life to Lazarus can give eternal life to you!
  4. A God You Can Trust:
    Disappointments come. Life can be challenging. Courage can be in short supply. People may let you down. Is there anyone you can trust? Is there a God you can trust? Join Pastor John Bradshaw as He finds evidence in the Bible that God can be trusted. Ancient prophecies reveal God’s Word is trustworthy, demonstrating God’s Word—and God Himself—are worth believing in!

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