Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Bible Study Guide 3)

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Addressing the commonly asked question: If God is good, then why is there so much suffering?

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6 reviews for Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Bible Study Guide 3)

  1. Carnes

    100% Happy

    Our Pastor is holding a series of meetings using this study guide. The church is excited to witness God at work, we are very optimistic.
    Thank you for quality resources and services.
    May God continue to bless the IIW ministries.

  2. BobbieJo (verified owner)

    Thank you

    I learned so much, thank you for these lesson guides.

  3. billingschurchoffice (verified owner)

    We studied these lessons as a small group and really enjoyed them! They were clear and very helpful!

  4. wayne.livingood (verified owner)

    a hard topic – never an easy answer

  5. Dee (verified owner)

    Great explanation of such a difficult topic

  6. Nyalah Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Great read and very informative. A must have for any level of Bible study.

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