Mandarin Bible Study Guide Set

Mandarin Bible Study Guide Set

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John Bradshaw

The Bible Study Guides from It Is Written are a great way to share the timeless truths of God’s Word with your friends, family, and community. These 25 guides are attractive, modern and easy to use.

    • Simple Q&A format, with the answer key included.

    • High-quality photos and artwork.

    • Lead-in stories, abundant illustrations, and feature boxes to engage readers.

    • Twenty-five lessons covering all the major Bible doctrines.

    • Each lesson stands on its own.

圣经说所制作的圣经学习指南,为你提供了一个上佳方法,让你与朋友、家人以及邻舍分享上帝的永恒真理。 我们欢迎你使用这25课引人入胜、贴近时代以及简单易用的课程。

▪ 简单的问答格式,并附有提供答案的关键词。
▪ 高品质的照片与美术设计。
▪ 富含吸引读者的精彩故事、丰富的插图以及精彩的功能框。
▪ 二十五课涵盖所有主要圣经教义的丰富内容。
▪ 每一课皆是独立完整的课程。

Also available in other languages!

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