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The Bible Study Guides from It Is Written are a great way to share the timeless truths of God’s Word with your friends, family and community. These 25 guides are attractive, modern, and easy to use.

  • Simple Q&A format, with the answer key included.
  • High-quality photos and artwork.
  • Lead-in stories, abundant illustrations and feature boxes to engage readers.
  • Twenty-five lessons covering all the major Bible doctrines.
  • Each lesson stands on its own.


Also available in other languages!

Additional information

Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 9.125 × 5.625 × 1.375 in

25-12 page lessons (total of 300 pages)

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43 reviews for Bible Study Guide Set

  1. montag

    Outstanding in every way! Since It Is Written has some very reasonable discount pricing for the study guides, I’m thinking of ordering more sets to present as gifts.

    After seeing these on sale for Christmas at a very attractive low price by It Is Written, I decided to order them out of curiosity. They arrived just the other day, and I must admit that I am amazed at the high quality of these study guides. They are beautifully printed and illustrated and capture biblical truths and Seventh-day Adventist doctrines perfectly! The scriptural references are from the NKJV, but it would be nice if they could also be made available for NIV and NLT users. Also, since I know many Chinese people, I’d love to see them in more languages besides English and Spanish.

  2. montag

    Absolutely first class! I highly recommend these study guides.

    These guides recently were on sale from the It Is Written store, so I thought, why not? I’m very happy that I purchased them because they are outstanding in every way. The quality of the printing, the illustrations, and the content is absolutely first class. They perfectly capture Seventh-day Adventist doctrine (which, by the way, is entirely Biblical doctrine) in a beautiful and easily understood manner. The lessons use the NKJV Bible translation which is perfect for me, but I wonder how many folks could be reached if the study guides were also available in the NIV, NLT, and NASB translations. Just a thought. Also, I’d love to see these published in other languages – especially Chinese since my wife and stepson are from Guangdong Province.

  3. Enlighten the Cross

    Good studies I give them a 8 out of 10 rating.

    I like the It is Written Bible Study Guides. I think they were well done. They turned out great!

  4. Kentucky, TN

    Impressed with quality

    I am so impressed with the quality! The packaging and quality of the paper and print is so inviting. I would not hesitate to give these to anyone. I’m so looking forward to doing the lessons.

  5. Ontario, Canada


    I am doing the It Is Written Bible Studies …it has given me insight into the Bible, plus it is teaching me where to find things better. Thank you.

  6. Pastor Zac and Leah Page

    Easy to use

    We have really enjoyed using It Is Written’s study guides. The study guides are beautifully designed, easy to use, and present the truth in a logical and attractive way. This has been a wonderful tool that has led to people attending and joining our church!

  7. Ooltewah, TN

    Very Impressed

    I have been studying various material with a Bible study interest for nearly four years. Currently, we are using the IIW studies and have completed lesson eight; I am very impressed with the presentation of the truths in these lessons. She is aware of the Sabbath from other studies, but has never made a commitment. After completing the lesson on the commandments followed by the lesson on the Sabbath, she seemed very receptive.

  8. ALSY

    Worthy to buy this set

    I bought this set as it was on sale because I have not received my free request. I have not started with the lessons yet but the box and the booklets are of good quality and graphics are pleasing to the eyes. I have confidence I will learn a lot after I finish with the study guides as Mr. Bradshaw is very clear in explaining and presenting the Word of Good in “It Is Written” program.

  9. G.N.S.

    Great quality

    The quality of the printing, the illustrations, and the content is absolutely first class. They perfectly capture the teachings of the Bible in a beautiful and easily understood manner.

  10. Blessed


    The It Is Written Bible Study Guides were absolutely perfect for me. I was searching for God and the It Is Written Bible study guides helped me know Him like never before. Everyone should use these studies. I’ve been so blessed!

  11. Child of God

    Everyone needs these!

    The It Is Written Bible Study Guides have made a huge difference in my life. When I wanted to know God I found Him by studying these lessons. They opened up the bible to me and I’m able to say today that I am a saved child of God!

  12. Christopher (verified owner)

    Great Deal, Happy Customer, will be a returning customer.

    I love these quality study guides. The price is unbeatable. The packaging is strong and durable. Received shipment within three days. Happy customer!

  13. Juana

    Great product, don’t hesitate to buy.

    I ordered these lessons for the youth in my church. The box included a total of 25 lessons so we study one lesson every week at home and review it Saturday. They are in full color and have multiple pictures. The questions are very thought provoking and relevant. The Bible texts referenced clearly answer the questions regarding the topic that is being discussed. At the end of the lesion student have a clear understanding of the topic and read bible text that support what they have learned. They lessons are very well made and were obviously put together by someone who has broad knowledge of scripture. This is a great product for anyone who wants to learn the Bible’s most prevalent teachings.

  14. Harry (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied

    The It IS Written Bible Study Guides are fabulous. The packaging they come in are excellent for housing the 25 guides. Each study guide is relevant, clear Bible teaching based on looking up the Bible texts, & the way they are put together, full color are excellent. We will be using for our mid-week Wednesday Bible study meetings. Both for new & “established” members. Will also use for Bible studies for possible new members. We also want to use for our youth in preparation for baptism. They arrived fast. The cost is great. Very happy & satisfied. Great job overall. God bless as we partner together

  15. Useline (verified owner)

    Great set of lessons

    I bought this set to help a friend study the word of God. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide us both as we aim to draw closer to God. The questions and answers are straight forward and easy to understand

  16. Rhonda

    I love these new studies!

    I was introduced to these new studies at a series of seminars held at our church. I have used the old set many times to give Bible studies, but these are superior! The color, paper, content are quality. They are clear and easy to understand and follow. I bought 10 sets which makes the price very affordable for the quality. Thank you, It Is Written!!

  17. Louly

    Best study guides I have used.

    I’m a Pastor and I have used many study guides before; these by far are the best written ones. I like the modern pics and notes included in the studies. I have received the most decisions for truth with these studies than with any others. I use them for drop off studies and personal studies.

  18. An.

    Thorough Bible Studies

    I really like these Bible Study guides. The paper is of good quality, the pictures are up-to-date and pertinent, and most importantly, the content is thorough and helpful.

  19. John B.

    Truth for the ages

    Beautifully packaged and professionally present timeless Bible truths that will suit any one with a Bible and an open heart. This was a gift for a family member who longs to draw closer to Jesus. Not sensationalist. Nor does it use outside sources to present the scriptural truth.

  20. Rodney

    Beautiful studies

    Well I want every one to know that it only took three days to get the most beautiful illustrated pages with precise information strait from the new King James Bible word for word I love them I thank it is written and will be back for the amazing facts books next s thank you

  21. GP

    i love the product and the service was great

    I bought these to give to someone who is in prison. But after looking at them I will have to order a set for myself to.

  22. DLM

    Amazing Bible Studies

    Ordering was very easy. The boxed study set was beautiful and arrived quickly. These high-quality lessons are captivating and make a great impression. I love the box too which keeps all of the lessons together in one place.

  23. davolysmom

    I love Jesus and want to lead others to Him.

    I order 4 sets of these study guides. 2 years ago I was rebaptised during an evangelistic meeting and these were the lessons they used. I only did a few, so one set is for me. The other three I would like to use to give Bible studies to other people. I love studying the bible and I desire to lead others to Jesus.

  24. ruth


    Concise and comprehensive! Rlso enjoying your information at

  25. Robert (verified owner)

    Good as a refresher course of study as well as a means of giving studies.

    excellent series of lessons that can be kept nicely organized in the supplied box. It is also very good to have the lessons in Spanish that you can share even if you don’t know Spanish.

  26. Mary (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this product.

    I first took these bible studies 6 years ago and these are so much nicer. I am personal Ministries leader for our church and I am odering these for visitor. I love the fact that the scripture verses are highlighted and the artwork is just amazing!!

  27. Jonathan W.

    I love these guides. As a pastor I use them a lot with many Bible students and they find them very helpful in their journey to know the truth better!

  28. Pervaiz Bahadur (verified owner)

    It is written Bible Study Guides is a set of comprehensive and a concrete Bible Studies on the Doctrinal Topics of the Bible. All 25 lessons are presented in a simple way with authentic Biblical references to present the Bible Truths explicitly to the readers and the devoted Bible students. God bless the IT IS WRITTEN team for their wonderful job in presenting the Bible Truths to the world. I wish we can also receive the powerpoint presentations for these studies and 28 SDA doctrines to present the Bible Studies more effectively for SDA believers and interdenominational Christian Groups. God bless you!

  29. Pamela Lewis (verified owner)

    Perfect. I ordered the lessons for a Bible study I am starting. I am very impressed with the quality and design of the lessons. It Is Written is a very reliable source for all biblical resources. Thank you.

  30. Lori Weston (verified owner)

    High quality! Perfect for sharing!

  31. Bottineau, ND (verified owner)

    The studies are well-illustrated and easy to understand. They are short, so they don’t overwhelm people who are unfamiliar with the Bible.

  32. mjnusnavy (verified owner)

    I loved the study guides! I plan on getting more for gifts. Very nice presentation; the box they came in and how well each booklet was made. Well done!! Also, I loved the other free “goodies” that came with my purchase; great strategy for further purchasing! Thank you!

  33. Jeshua S Speer (verified owner)

    I love the bible study guide and how easy it is to understand the different subjects. It talks you through subjects in many different verses that so many people over look! Thank you for helping me understand these important topics!

  34. sandrasturkie (verified owner)

    These Bible studies are wonderful! We just started using them for a group setting and the students like them a lot.
    We also really like the fact that you can get a package with power point presentation for each lesson.
    Thank you for making sharing the good news as easy as possible!

  35. orlando.hernandez (verified owner)

    High quality Bible studies, we are using them to go through our major beliefs in Sabbath School.

  36. claremoresda (verified owner)

    As a church we use this Bible Study during the year, our Outreach Committee has used it in the past as well as our Small Groups, we have reaped baptisms as well!

  37. pugzmom29 (verified owner)

    Very impressed with these Bible studies! Quality is outstanding and studies are easy to navigate and understand. Price is right too! Well done!

  38. theryanholden (verified owner)

    My favorite SDA flavored Bible study of the ones I’ve completed. A wonderful introduction or refresher for anyone at a great price. My only recommendation/desire would be a KJV option going forward, as far as I know they’re all NKJV.

  39. Sue (verified owner)

    Love the beautiful boxed sets of 25 lessons each! The high-quality paper and full color graphics are worthy of the good news contained within. The lesson texts are straight-forward, focused and compelling. Thank you, IIW, for making this quality product available. This is something I am proud to share with those who want a deeper knowledge of God.

  40. Jessie Clemons (verified owner)

    I work in my books everyday learning more about the bible I am so happy I purchase the set. The lessons are easy to do and to understand. I really order two sets one I’m going to give as a Christmas present.

  41. Brenda Litchfield (verified owner)

    Really good studies. I have used them before and I like the fact that the student has blanks to fill in so they have to actually look up the verse and read it instead of the verse being read from the guide and not the Bible.

  42. Christina Widing-Kendall (verified owner)

    The studies have been amazing! They are informative, interesting, and relevant. I am very please and will be purchasing more from It is Written.

  43. Judy Oliver (verified owner)

    These Bible Study Guides are well written and very easy to share! Thanks to all those who make these possible.

    God Bless

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