Bible School Mega Mailer

Bible School Mega Mailer

Usually ships within 3 weeks
Minimum Purchase:
1,000 units
Bulk Pricing:

Ordering a mailing is as easy as 1-2-3! Before ordering the Bible School Mega Mailer, please click here to learn more.

Conducting a mailing using the Bible School Mega Mailer is a simple, cost-effective way to share life-changing truth with your community. The Mega Mailer includes a response card that people can mail in to request Bible studies.

On average, for every 1,000 Mega Mailers sent to homes, 10 people in your community will respond and request Bible studies.

**Available in the US only** 

Here is how you can place an order:

Step 1:
Decide which zip codes and postal carrier routes you want the Mega Mailers sent to. Use this Post Office link to help you determine the zip codes for the areas you wish to cover. Here is how:
  A. Type your location or zip code into the search bar.
  B. Select "Residential Addresses Only" from the Residential drop down menu, and click "Search".
  C. Select your routes (using Map or Table view options).
  D. Calculate the total number of addresses you want to mail to by looking at the "Total Mailpieces" for each route or collection of routes selected.

Step 2:
To place your order for Mega Mailers, fill in the details in the product fields above. Please note: the quantity of Mega Mailers you are ordering should equal the total count of "mailpieces" you are mailing from Step 1. There is a minimum purchase of 1,000 Mega Mailers.

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