Bible School Lesson #1

Bible School Lesson #1

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1000 units
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For less than the cost of a postage stamp, you can reach a potential Bible study interest! A simple, cost-effective way to share life-changing truth with your community.


Before ordering the It Is Written Bible School Lesson #1, please visit to learn more
Please note, there is a minimum order of 1,000 Lessons. Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time before this item ships from It Is Written.


The It Is Written Bible School Lesson #1 is an excellent tool for discovering Bible study interests in your area. The lesson includes a tear-off response card that will have a unique code corresponding to your church printed on it. Place the lesson in a display stand in your church or a local business, or pass them out around your neighborhood, and you will soon receive requests for Bible studies from your community.

**Available in the US only**


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