The War Between Good and Evil (2024 2nd Qtr Companion Book)

The War Between Good and Evil (2024 2nd Qtr Companion Book)

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Mark Finley

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Sabbath School Companion Book for 2nd Quarter 2024

Writing from the Isle of Patmos, the apostle John described a cosmic conflict between good and evil. This war, known to us as the great controversy, began in heaven and transitioned to Earth when Adam and Eve lost Eden to the Deceiver. Humanity was then plunged into an epic battle for survival.

Today, the war continues. In The War Between Good and Evil, Mark Finley tells the story of Christians who maintained their faith in the face of persecution. In spite of sacrifice, suffering, and even martyrdom, Christianity flourished, proving that God’s providence is greater than the enemy of souls.

But the story is not so much about those who have been faithful to Christ; it is about the Lamb, who has been faithful to His children, the purchase of His blood. Jesus defeated Satan at Calvary and sealed His victory in the great controversy.

Thankfully, the war is nearly over. Jesus is coming soon! “The night is far spent, and the day is at hand” (Romans 13:12, ASV).