The Methuselah Factor Book

The Methuselah Factor Book

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Dr. David DeRose

Do you want to improve how you look, feel, or function? Then this book is for you. Let Dr. DeRose help you improve your health by harnessing the cutting-edge science of "hemorheology" or blood fluidity. This book guides you on a detailed, yet practical, 30-day journey to improve your health by improving your "Methuselah Factor" (DeRose's term for blood fluidity).

Using this month-long program, you can:

    • Decrease your risk of killer diseases like heart disease, stroke, and cancer
    • Improve your mental performance and decrease your risk of dementia
    • Improve or prevent common causes of arthritis
    • Enhance your physical performance while decreasing your risk of visual impariment and obesity

You can also access videos on DVD or downloadable videos that go along with the 30 day program.