The Good Seed/Seedtime and Harvest 2-in-1 DVD

The Good Seed/Seedtime and Harvest 2-in-1 DVD

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John Bradshaw
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57 minutes

This DVD features two episodes on one disc.

The Good Seed

If you plant a carrot seed, you’ll grow a carrot. A tomato seed will grow a tomato plant. But if you sow the seed of God’s Word in your life through prayer and service, something spectacular grows. Join John Bradshaw for “The Good Seed” and learn the importance of allowing the Word of God to take root deep in your heart.

Seedtime and Harvest

Growth takes time. A jalapeño seed can sprout in as few as seven days but can take up to 80 before that new plant matures and produces its own pepper. The result, however, is worth the wait. Join John Bradshaw as he underlines the necessity of patience and consistency in growing your faith as you await that final day of harvest.