Successful Public Evangelism

Successful Public Evangelism

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John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger

Conducting a successful evangelistic series at your local church is now within your grasp. If you're tired of sitting on the sidelines and you want to get your whole church involved in winning souls for Jesus, this book is for you.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience conducting more than 200 evangelistic series around the world, John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger share time-tested principles that consistently yield souls for the kingdom of God.

In Successful Public Evangelism: Step by Step, you will learn how to:

  • Inspire local church members to get involved in your series
  • Attract a crowd of guests, keep them coming, and baptize them
  • Conduct a successful series even on a tight budget
  • Keep newly baptized member enthusiastically involved at church for years to come