Revelation Today: Hope Awakens DVD Set

Revelation Today: Hope Awakens DVD Set

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John Bradshaw
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Approximately 20 hours

Join Pastor John Bradshaw in these compelling episodes and take a look at key Bible themes!

In trying to make sense of today’s unprecedented times, people are asking, “Are we living in the time of the end?” You can be prepared for whatever lies ahead. There is a brighter day coming! Hope Awakens offers insights into today’s most pressing issues. Looking into the guidance given in the Bible, Hope Awakens will not only help you navigate the challenges of today, but will give you confidence for the future. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for this series of compelling presentations. Answering the questions that matter most, Hope Awakens will inspire you, encourage you, and fill you with hope!

This set includes all 20 programs, with two programs per disc, including:

1. Episodes 1 & 2: Signs You Can't Ignore & Hope Awakens
2. Episodes 3 & 4: The Unseen Enemy & Heroes in a Time of Crisis
3. Episodes 5 & 6: From Failure to Victory & Earth's Ultimate Remedy
4. Episodes 7 & 8: Rest and Recovery & A Matter of Trust
5. Episodes 9 & 10: Beyond the Light & Lockdown: A Planet in Isolation
6. Episodes 11 & 12: The New Normal: A World Without Fear & Experiencing Renewal
7. Episodes 13 & 14: Survival Keys for Challenging Times & The Next Superpower
8. Episodes 15 & 16: A House Divided & Ancient Empires, Modern Mysteries
9. Episodes 17 & 18: A Place of Safety & The Final Invitation
10. Episodes 19 & 20: The Ultimate Destination & Journey