Steps To Christ

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This Christian classic inspires millions

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Based on Scripture and filled with the ageless principles of Heaven, this Christian classic has inspired millions in over 160 languages.

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2 reviews for Steps To Christ

  1. Ron

    Well worth reading and sharing!

    This little book is a powerhouse of spiritual wisdom and guidance. Biblically saturated chapters to inspire everyone from a new seeker, baby Christian, to a mature follower, Ellen White’s insights are just as applicable and understandable today as when she wrote them a hundred years ago. An excellent evangelistic tool for the serious inquirer.

  2. Marie

    This version of Steps to Christ is so easy to understand and apply to your daily living. It also reveals the many awesome aspects of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I plan to share this book with my friends.
    I would also like to add their Customer Service is the best.
    You will be Blessed by this book, I was.