My Place With Jesus Bible (NKJV)

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The Bible should not only be read but studied! The My Place With Jesus Bible is packed with features designed to engage children in the study of God’s Word, including the complete 21-lesson set of the My Place With Jesus Bible Guides! 

Features include:

  • New King James Version
  • Reversible color-your-own-cover dust jacket
  • Presentation page
  • Bible Promises page
  • Kids in the Bible page
  • Parables and Miracles of Jesus charts
  • 36 full-page illustrations
  • 4 pages of Paul’s Missionary Journeys
  • 4 pages of Bible maps
  • Foldout timeline, from Adam to present-day
  • My Place With Jesus Bible Guides 21-lesson set
  • End-of-verse references and translation notes
  • Bible book introductions
  • Stars indicating messianic prophecies
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • Concordance

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.625 × 5.5 × 1.75 in
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28 reviews for My Place With Jesus Bible (NKJV)

  1. Jim Torres (verified owner)

    5 Star

  2. Emil Mikle (verified owner)

    This Bible was pre-ordered and bought for our son Mark. He couldn’t wait for it to show up, asking when is it coming. He loves it. Nice print. Easy to read and it is great to have the studies in the back. Mark loves the historical map. He takes it to church with him all the time.
    He showed the Bible to his friends at church. They like it too and are interested in having one.
    Great job It is Written – My Place with Jesus on this Bible.

  3. chelle843 (verified owner)

    Awesome bible which we bought for our daughter. Great illustrations and the bible studies and extras at the back are so helpful and encourage the inquiring mind!

  4. Linda Griffith (verified owner)

    I have not seen the Bible, except on the website. I purchased the, My Place With Jesus Bible and Study Guides for my granddaughter while she was at camp. When she returned home the package was there. She called me immediately to thank me for the beautifully designed Bible and Study Guides. She promised to study the guides with her six year old brother. I am going to purchase the My Place With Jesus Bible for my grandson also.

  5. Carol A Johnson (verified owner)

    I got this for my great-grandchildren (3). Per their mother, not only do they love it but the parents love it as well. I’m praying God works thru this medium to bring them all to love Him. Thank you for sending the flyer advertising it.

  6. Donald Martin (verified owner)

    They are beautiful, only one complaint. I was to receive a $10 discount for my evaluation of the purchase of The Great Controversy shipment (120). There was no credit given.
    These are for my great grandchildren (7,10,and 16)

    • Rebecca

      Hi Mr. Martin,

      Thank you for your review. I’m so sorry you did not receive the coupon code for your $10.00 discount. I will send you an email with the information to receive that discount right away.

  7. Joan Marlow (verified owner)

    I ordered the children’s Bible from far away bush Alaska and thought I would have to wait weeks and weeks to get it. Surprise….it came in about a week!! They told me in the office they would mail it the same day I called and they kept their word….I am impressed!!!!!

  8. Kathy James (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible! Parents of the child I purchased it for were going to give it to him for Christmas this year. When I showed it to them they said it was filled with so many beautiful illustrations, study guides, etc. they gave it to him immediately so he could start learning “more about Jesus and His love.”

  9. steve.allred (verified owner)

    Beautiful, high quality, and well designed.

  10. gizellageldenhuys (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the beautiful Bible. The forward, the font size, the pictures and the lesson studies at the back is amazing. I love the Bible, my daughter loves her Bible. Thank you very much. May God continue to bless you.

  11. pportmess (verified owner)

    Bought two of these for Christmas gifts. Love them! The studies in the back are an added bonus.

  12. taylor.hinkle (verified owner)

    Great Bible. Bought it for a 10 year old boy who would like to prepare for baptism, and he is very excited about the Bible, and the studies in the Bible.

  13. Alma D Partridge (verified owner)

    So glad I purchased this Bible with vibrant colors, excellent font, really great study helps & so much more! This excellent book is a treasure for the young person & will truly light the path to spiritual understanding.

  14. Robert Taylor (verified owner)

    Just fantastic. Have out these Bibles to drawing winners at our recent Vacation Bible School and they were a huge hit with the kids and the parents.

  15. Darline Head (verified owner)

    My granddaughter was delighted to receive her Bible. I gave one to my niece for her granddaughter and she is planning on purchasing some more in the near future. I love the information in the back and quick access to the history of the church.

  16. Sharon R Smith (verified owner)

    I sent these to my Nephew and Niece. My Nephew LOVES THE PENCILS and pictures. I’m so happy. My Niece is going back to college and LOVES the Bible and pencils and lessons. Great for all young people

  17. Tricia Dewar (verified owner)

    Beautiful bible and my child loves it!
    Thank you.

  18. Jim Martin (verified owner)

    This is a great resource for young people and those who are new in the faith! Good job IIW.

  19. Dee

    It’s the first time my 10 year old had said, “I just love this Bible!” I will be ordering the Bible marking stickers for him next.

  20. kernersvilleadventist (verified owner)

    We purchased “My Place With Jesus” Bible for our church library. It has amazing features. I plan to purchase one for my great granddaughter for her 7th birthday.

  21. Monica Smith-hunter (verified owner)

    Easy to read and our son , Xavier, is always excited to do the lessons in the back.

  22. Paul Zulu

    Very nice one

  23. Janet Claymore-Ross (verified owner)

    It is easy to purchase products from your store. The prompt feed back per email is appreciated. The products arrived in the time that was given. Thank you

  24. carlis clinton (verified owner)

    Great Bible for kids.

  25. Dixie Thoman (verified owner)


  26. Michelle Stegman (verified owner)

    A NKJV of the Bible for children! It’s colorful, easy to read and has pictures for young ones to see and understand. Also has the Bible study guides enclosed for them to learn more about Jesus. It will be a wonderful starter Bible for a young child.

  27. Yvonne Footman (verified owner)

    I came across the IT IS WRITTEN products while browsing through the different option categories during the 100 Days of Prayer series. I kept scrolling through the different items when I came across the My Place With Jesus Bible. I was first attracted by the cover and then after reading the description and the reviews that others had written I was impressed and excited to order this Bible. One of the main reasons for my interest was because I am one of the Children’s Ministry Leaders at our Church and assist with Children/Youth Bible Studies and I am always looking for materials to teach and enhance our Children/Youth’s of and their with connection God I ways that they can understand it. I was impressed also with the 21 Bible Lessons that are ATTACHED in the back of the Bible. I ordered the Bible and was further enticed with the quality, the colorful pictures and maps. I am thrilled to say that I will be using and carrying this Bible for my personal use as well. I have shared the ordering of this Bible and the information regarding the reviews with other church members. I have not actually shown it to them in person secondary to COVID-19. I took the Bible to work and shared it with a co-worker who liked it and wanted to order one for her son. I ordered another one and donated it to her son. I was also impressed to call my granddaughter in California and shared with her my excitement about the Bible. I told her about the Bible Lessons in the back and asked her if we would be willing to have studies with me. She agreed (although she said she already had a Bible) and a Bible was ordered and shipped to her in California. We have since started the Bible Lessons. When we return to our church after COVID-19 has settled, my goal is to present this Bible and the Bible Lessons to our church family and to use these Bible lessons as an additional teaching of God’s Word for all of our children/youth in our congregation. Thank you so much for your continuous efforts to keep our children/youth in connection with Jesus.

  28. Nancy May Cotta (verified owner)

    These are really special!! I bought one each gif my two granddaughters!

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