Revelation Today: Hope Awakens DVD Set

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Join Pastor John Bradshaw in these compelling episodes and take a look at key Bible themes!


In trying to make sense of today’s unprecedented times, people are asking, “Are we living in the time of the end?” You can be prepared for whatever lies ahead. There is a brighter day coming! Hope Awakens offers insights into today’s most pressing issues. Looking into the guidance given in the Bible, Hope Awakens will not only help you navigate the challenges of today, but will give you confidence for the future. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for this series of compelling presentations. Answering the questions that matter most, Hope Awakens will inspire you, encourage you, and fill you with hope!

1 Signs You Can’t Ignore

2 Hope Awakens

3 The Unseen Enemy

4 Heroes in a Time of Crisis

5 From Failure to Victory

6 Earth’s Ultimate Remedy

7 Rest and Recovery

8 A Matter of Trust

9 Beyond the Light

10 Lockdown: A Planet in Isolation

11 The New Normal: A World Without Fear

12 Experiencing Renewal

13 Survival Keys for Challenging Times

14 The Next Superpower

15 A House Divided

16 Ancient Empires, Modern Mysteries

17 A Place of Safety

18 The Final Invitation

19 The Ultimate Destination

20 The Journey

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5 reviews for Revelation Today: Hope Awakens DVD Set

  1. angie MCCUBBINS (verified owner)

    The DVDs are great. Awesome series. I bought the set for someone else to watch. Spreading the word of God!

  2. Monalei Duthie (verified owner)

    I love anything Pastor Bradshaw does. I especially enjoyed this series in this current time of unrest.
    Thank you!!

  3. Ken Combs (verified owner)

    These video programs are an eye opening event!, not only for the average person on the street, but for the Christian also! They sould be shown in Every movie theater around the world for free! These video’s are a Must See Experience!! They show how truly Forgiving and Magnanimous and LOVEing our LORD GOD is (as the Scriptures show us). By sending HIS son Jesus as our ONLY savior, HE effectively made satan of no accord for those who choose Life in HIM!!! (not to that he, satan, does not have sway over this world as things stand). May HE bless all of you at Hope Awakens and It Is Written in your ministry to the world, and may the Angles voices be heard in your broadcasts! HE is comming back Soon!!! PS, I bought the set for our Church so all of the congregation will have a chance to view this marvelous series.

  4. Linda Koob (verified owner)

    I love the Hope Awakens DVD’s. I am sharing them with others. Thanks Pastor Bradshaw!!

  5. DSherman (verified owner)

    God’s timing in the release of these messages are for such a time as this. I bought them to gather friends and people God places in my pathway to share with them. God desires the people to know He loves them and wants them to understand that love through prophecy. Love the current events included. God used you to glorify His Son. John may God be continued to glorify as you lift Him up.

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