Healing Foods of the Bible

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Before there was medicine there was food. In the Garden of Eden, God recommended a diet designed to keep the world’s first inhabitants happy and healthy. Learn which foods found in Scripture contain essential nutrients and healing properties that can benefit you—mind, body, and spirit!

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Dr. John Westerdahl and John Bradshaw


Paperback, eBook

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3 reviews for Healing Foods of the Bible

  1. Beth Cetanyan (verified owner)

    great little booklet

  2. williamantonich (verified owner)

    I bought this book as a Christmas Present for my Father. I love how It Is Written takes the information found in the Bible and puts it into books that helps us focus on a certain topic that is touched about through out the Word of GOD. I look forward to reading this book and many others!

  3. Nyalah Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Great little book that taught me a lot.

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