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Faith in God was the foundation of Desmond Doss’ life. In this 3-episode set you’ll discover effective ways to increase your own faith, and learn more about the remarkable God who enabled Desmond Doss to carry himself with grace, commitment, and bravery.

The Heroism of Desmond Doss: John Bradshaw with Dr. Charles Knapp, retired army colonel, discuss army life and how Doss’ faith got him through. Dr. Knapp also gives insights about the making of the film Hacksaw Ridge.

Who Was Desmond Doss?: John Bradshaw shares how war represents the greater spiritual struggle between good and evil, and discusses the character of Doss and his faith. Recorded on location at the Tennessee Veterans Memorial Park in Collegedale, Tennessee and the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

The Faith of Desmond Doss: John Bradshaw with Les Speer, Doss’s pastor, discuss Doss’s spiritual life, how he encouraged young people, and his legacy.

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1 review for Faith on Hacksaw Ridge DVD

  1. McQueen Varnes (verified owner)

    When I first saw the DVD, it makes sense that God had to have been with Desmond Doss. No one could have had that kind of courage and determination with out the power of God. Desmond Doss’s Faith was rock solid and unchangeable. And to think of all the mistreatment he had to deal with each day, until the day He proved himself to his buddies, his company, and company commander and other higher up raking officers. It would have been a honor to serve with him in Combat.

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