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Learn the story of the Reformation and why it matters today more than ever. Join Pastor John Bradshaw on a unique journey in the footsteps of the Reformers with nine new, must-see, on-location programs titled 500. 

Titles include:

1. 500: The Protestant Reformation. Filmed on location in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Rome. Features special guest Dr. Gerard Damsteegt.

2. The Celtic Connection: Saint Patrick and the Celtic Reform movement. Filmed on location in Ireland. Features special guest Dr. David Trim.

3. A Lamp Unto My Feet:William Tyndale and the Bible. Filmed on location in England and Belgium. Features special guest Dr. Dedrick Blue.

4. Rome and the Reformation:The role of the Catholic Church. Filmed on location in Rome and the Vatican City. Features special guest Dr. Michael Hasel.

5. “Here I Stand!”: Martin Luther. Filmed on location in Germany, Rome, and the Vatican City. Features special guest Dr. Leslie N. Pollard

6. The Counter-Reformation: Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits. Filmed on location in Spain, Rome, and the Vatican City. Features special guest Dr. Gerard Damsteegt.

7. A Wall of Separation: The Pilgrim fathers and Roger Williams. Filmed on location in New England. Features special guest Dr. Lincoln Steed.

8. Tell It to the World: William Miller and prophecy. Filmed on location in New England. Features special guest Dr. Jud Lake.

9. Finishing the Reformation: The final Gospel message. Filmed on location in New England. Features special guest Dr. Ted Wilson.

Each program is approximately 60 minutes long

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34 reviews for 500 DVD Set

  1. Roger


    What an awesome job. So much history. If i could give 10 stars I would!! We are so Blessed to have Gods Word!

  2. Quilt Lady

    Very good quality . praise God for all He has done by your team.

    Just received and watched the first 2. Wonderful and full of information.

  3. joseph kaweesi

    i wanted to distribute this series in large numbers but it seems expensive?

    • Chadwick Starr

      We have some cost-effective options for distributing if you are interested.

  4. queen48051a

    Love and thoroughly enjoy watching this series every week and wanted to share it with my family. Unfortunately, for me, it is too expensive for me to purchase 5 copies. Hopefully in time the price will come down and I will be able to purchase this series.
    Thank you for bringing programs like this, and all of “It Is Written”, to our spirituality needy world.

  5. slstigge7 (verified owner)

    Very informative especially now that the “Reformation” is supposedly over. It’s great to have such a high-quality historical documentary series to remind us why it took place, to begin with. Thank- you It Is Written. May God continue to bless you.

  6. giftofgodjoan (verified owner)

    Love the history! And how it lines up with the Bible! Haven’t quite finished them but sure we will watch them many times and share them with others!

  7. Don Quick (verified owner)

    This series is informative, thorough and very interesting. It is not dry and boring like others I have seen. I highly recommend this series.

  8. Laura C Saladino (verified owner)

    I am enjoying this video series very much. I have heard probably 50% of the information before in a series done 20-30 years ago and didn’t expect to hear much new information. But I have! I especially enjoyed the interviews at the end of each presentation. The information presented is very thoughtful and relates to this day and age. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you in presenting this information in a new light. God bless you and your ministry.

  9. Ronald Watkins

    Many people who think they are Protestants do not understand what a Protestant is or the history of Protest ants. 500 is the number of years passed since Martin Luther posted his “complaints” on the door of the catholic church.
    A well done history of Protest ism!

  10. William (verified owner)

    It was amazing to learn about all the people you gave everything to preserve the truth and expose false teachings. It gives me a new perspective of what real strength and courage is and the whole series is a blessing.

  11. Becky Rich (verified owner)

    Veri interesting and informative. Glad I purchased this bit of history.

  12. Sonja (verified owner)

    Well done, interesting to watch…spiritual nourishment enjoyable and good information.
    Well worth it! Thank you

  13. Anne poe (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful study of Reformation History and the scenery is breathtaking. We are sharing the DVD’s with our church members. John Bradshaw is an excellent guide. No matter what your faith, you will learn and enjoy this series. Anne

  14. Mike Rueff (verified owner)

    I’ve only seen one of the programs so far, but it was very informative and interesting. It is fun to learn about history and see how it fits into the Bible story. Thanks for all you do at It Is Written to spread the gospel message!

  15. Clifford Turner (verified owner)

    Awesome series, clears up lot of questions I had. Now sharing it with friends and can’t get it back. Perfect witnessing tool. Agnostic friends are captivated by this series!

  16. Nancy T.

    I ordered the 500 Series and have not been dissapointed! I love history and have already learned some new information about the Reformation. I hope to visit several sites while in England! Thank you John Bradshaw!

  17. BOB ONGARO (verified owner)

    Breathtaking! I could not stop watching ones I started watching. I had to call off work just to sit in the house and watch them DVDs.

  18. Deb K (verified owner)

    It is so very interesting. It explains what this time period was like with the Roman church and the Popes. I was greatly surprised on how many reformers helped in developing faith opposite the Catholic Church. I’m reading the building of the Basilica now on the rebuilding of St. Peter’s church. They go hand-in-hand.

    Deb K.

  19. Solida antwiler (verified owner)

    excellent documentation and very informative.

  20. R. Allen Hoge (verified owner)

    Great series. I am somewhat of a church history buff. This series has a lot of good information that may not be available from other sources.

  21. Gale Bricka (verified owner)

    I was following this series when you first aired it, which I think was 2017, for the 500th Anniversary date for the Protestant Reformation. It is well presented and very interesting. I think we should know this kind of information so we know the sacrifice and challenges these faithful pioneers endured to bring us a Bible translation in our language, so we could know God better and read it for ourselves. And to start dominations that preached the Word of God. I bought it because you made it more affordable. A very good series!

  22. Julius Otto Schindler (verified owner)

    It was very good, without question.

    But at the end, regarding the Ten Commandments and the 7th day Sabbath. After the Resurrection of Jesus, they began meeting on Sunday, the first day of the week, not Saturday.

    Julius/jules Schindler

    • Chadwick Starr

      Thank you for sharing how much you enjoyed watching 500! We are delighted that it has been a blessing to you.
      In answer to your comment regarding the Saturday/Sunday question, we have recently recorded a couple of programs on that very subject. We hope they will be a blessing to you!

      Hope Awakens – Rest and Recovery

      Hope Awakens – A Matter Of Trust

  23. Challa (verified owner)

    Wonderful and well presented.
    For me it is very blessing.
    Well done

  24. Challa (verified owner)

    Amazing and well presented.
    For me it is very blessing.
    Well done

  25. Diana (verified owner)

    Excellent series!
    We are learning many facts of history that were unclear— the presentations on these dvds are not only factually accurate, but they are done in an interesting manner which keeps your attention. We chose to buy the set because it is more easily shared with others (vs YouTube/Roku etc). Thanks for the hard work required to complete this project.

  26. Harriett Whited (verified owner)

    I was so pleased with the dvd set! I had been wanting it for a long time! Awesome!

  27. Giles Davis (verified owner)

    Fantastic series haven’t had the time to finish the whole thing yet.also wanted to say thank you for the super fast shipping.

  28. Joseph Will (verified owner)


  29. Karen (verified owner)

    Another quality video project from It Is Written. We got this series to share with our church family during prayer meeting and pray that they will be blessed.

  30. GODWIN O. O. MBATU (verified owner)

    It brought history in right perspective and enriched significantly my understanding of the true Word of God.

  31. Timothy M. Adams (verified owner)

    Highly recomemd getting this set, well worth the value.

  32. Fred and Seja Specht (verified owner)

    We LOVE it!

  33. Antoinette (verified owner)

    Excellent series. Very happy with this purchase. Qne improvement would be to enclose all the DVDs in a box rather than have them loose. Definitely recommend this product.

    • Maria Ford

      We are so glad you enjoyed the five hundred series and we thank you for your feedback. The 500 series is typically packaged in a DVD wrap which holds each DVD case in the series together. We will be contacting you soon regarding this matter. Customer satisfaction is top priority.

  34. Lee Ann Habben (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with the DVDs. I have watched them multiple times. I plan to share them with others. The quality of video is outstanding. I love listening to John Bradshaw. The content is so interesting. These videos have increased my knowledge and made me appreciate the forerunners of the faith.

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