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  • Living the Optimum Lifestyle Audio CD

    Living the Optimum Lifestyle Audio CD

    Discover how you can dramatically decrease your risk for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even reverse diabetes. No matter what your age, the…

  • Health and Healing DVD Set

    Health and Healing DVD Set

    Join Dr. David DeRose and John Bradshaw as they discuss life-changing, biblically sound, scientifically-based information that will help you experience optimum…

  • Stressed Out DVD

    Stressed Out DVD

    The Bible calls Jesus the "Prince of peace," and yet more people than ever--even believers in Christ--are suffering from debilitating levels of stress. How did Jesus combat stress and are there…

  • Coping with Stress DVD

    Coping with Stress DVD

    How did Jesus combat stress and are there healthy ways of coping with stress today? In this program, discover that the Great Physician has a divine prescription for stress that will help you…

  • You Are What You Eat DVD

    You Are What You Eat DVD

    It is often said that you are what you eat; but if you survey the population you find that a majority of people are sick. Could it be that they are sick because they…

  • Health and Healing DVD

    Health and Healing DVD

    When you read the Bible, you come face to face with the great God of heaven who performs miracles that defy human explanation. With remarkable regularity, He has displayed His ability to accomplish…

  • Living a Balanced Life DVD

    Living a Balanced Life DVD

    God's interest in what goes on here on Planet Earth was not fleeting. He is intimately concerned with what is happening in your life. As an outpouring of His love for…

  • Naturally Healthy DVD

    Naturally Healthy DVD

    Share these 13 fun and interactive health & lifestyle topics! Format is similar to the Truth 4 Youth program, with scripts you present combined with on-screen illustrations your audience…

  • Maximum Health DVD Set

    Maximum Health DVD Set

    As humans we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created by God to thrive. Incredibly, we make decisions and do things to our brains, our minds, that sometimes hold us back from thriving.…



  • Controlling Your Emotions

    Controlling Your Emotions

    Instead of being controlled by our emotions, how can we keep our emotions under control? Join John Bradshaw as he interviews Dr. Neil Nedley of Nedley Health Solutions…

  • Becoming a Smarter You

    Becoming a Smarter You

    You can be more than you've ever been! Learn how you can get the most out of your gray matter. Becoming a Smarter You will help you get much more out of life, and your relationship with…

  • Emotional Intelligence DVD

    Emotional Intelligence DVD

    Be all that you can be! Join John Bradshaw as he interviews Dr. Neil Nedley of Nedley Health Solutions and discover what emotional intelligence is and how it forms an…

  • Peak Performance DVD

    Peak Performance DVD

    Get the most from your body! You want to be your very best, and with God's help, you can! Peak Performance will help you function at optimum levels, and utilize your God-given gifts to a great capacity!…

  • The Revive Cafe Cook:30.2

    The Revive Cafe Cook:30.2

    Prepare your tastebuds for quick, delicious, healthy food! Cook:30.2 is the latest cookbook from Jeremy Dixon's Revive Cafe. It is all about cooking a healthy meal…

  • 30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control Book

    30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control Book

    As many as three-quarters of the western world will have to contend with high blood pressure sometime in their lives. However you no…

  • LifeStart Seminars DVD Set

    LifeStart Seminars DVD Set

    Twelve, approximately 30-minute, programs make up this dynamic, cutting-edge series. In each of the dozen programs, David DeRose, MD, MPH, tackles a major disease or…