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  • The Beatitudes: Hope for the Soul DVD

    The Beatitudes: Hope for the Soul DVD

    Matthew 5 is one of the great chapters of the Bible. Join John Bradshaw and presenters from It Is Written Canada, Chris Holland, and It Is Written Oceania, Gary Kent, on…

  • A Father's Love DVD

    A Father's Love DVD

    Father's Day is an opportunity to reflect on the blessing that fathers can be in our lives. What do fathers bring to our relationships that we can get nowhere else? And what does God expect of fathers…

  • Upon This Rock DVD

    Upon This Rock DVD

    For 27 years, Polan'ds favorite son was the leader of the world's one billion Catholics. Inaugurated as Pope John Paul II in 1978, he was said to be the successor of St. Peter, the "rock" upon which…

  • Preparing for Your Harvest

    Preparing for Your Harvest

    If searching for souls is central to following Christ, are we really following Christ if we are not searching for souls? Discover how reaching people at their point…

  • Kingdom of Stone DVD

    Kingdom of Stone DVD

    Some of the world's most iconic locations are historic sites. The pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan ruins in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Great Wall of China, Rome with the Coliseum, Angkor Wat in…

  • Beneath the Sands: Life in Ancient Israel DVD

    Beneath the Sands: Life in Ancient Israel DVD

    The science of archaeology explores the historical importance of daily life in the ancient world, and reveals insights which help us…

  • Beneath the Sands: The Historical Jesus DVD

    Beneath the Sands: The Historical Jesus DVD

    How do we know that the biblical account of Jesus is true? What does the historical record say about His life? Join Pastor John Bradshaw and Dr. Michael Hasel as they…

  • Parables for All Time: The Unfair Judge DVD

    Parables for All Time: The Unfair Judge DVD

    The parable of the unjust judge, sometimes referred to as the story of the importunate widow, features a certain judge that dismisses a woman’s plea for justice. What…

  • Blood Rock DVD

    Blood Rock DVD

    An act of cruel injustice against a group of Australian Aboriginals at Blood Rock introduces us to a question that troubles many people. "If God is love, why did He destroy so many people?" How can God…

  • Give Me Scotland DVD

    Give Me Scotland DVD

    He is remembered today as a titan of the Reformation, a man who stood boldly for the Bible. Though John Knox was opposed by the might of the Catholic Church, he fearlessly advanced the Word of God. Join…

  • Promises of Peace

    Promises of Peace

    In Promises of Peace, Pastor John Bradshaw brings alive some of the precious promises of the Bible and shows how through the Word of God you can experience peace in your heart and life.…

  • Taking a Stand DVD

    Taking a Stand DVD

    Have you ever struggled to say "no" to temptation? Tried to go against the flow to not be like everyone else? Or ever wondered if you are good enough to be saved? This five-part series with Pastor…

  • Father Forgive DVD

    Father Forgive DVD

    When German bombers attacked Coventry, England, in November of 1940 during World War II, more than 500 people were killed, the city was devastated, and Coventry Cathedral was completely destroyed. The…

  • Coping with Grief DVD

    Coping with Grief DVD

    In the beginning, God created a perfect world with no sin, sadness, suffering, or loss. But an enemy came and one of the consequences of the work of the enemy is grief. We were created to be happy…

  • From Grief to Hope DVD

    From Grief to Hope DVD

    Grief hurts, it's painful, and you're going to experience it sooner or later. But what is grief, and how do we deal with it? What should you do when grief strikes close to home? Join Pastor John Bradshaw…

  • Ink on Paper DVD

    Ink on Paper DVD

    It's considered to be the most important invention of the last 1,000 years--some say the most important invention of all time. Today's flow of information and news simply wouldn't be possible without…