The Revive Cafe Cook:30

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By: Jeremy Dixon
Page count: 287
Prepare plant-based meals from scratch in 30 minutes

Get your tastebuds ready for quick, delicious healthy food!

Cook:30 is all about cooking a healthy meal from scratch in 30 minutes using plant-based whole foods.

The book will show you how easy it is to cook healthy food at home:

  • 26 chapters, one for each episode of the program
  • Every episode has around 5 different meal components to prepare
  • Each chapter has a flow chart of how to multi-task and prepare a meal the way a chef would
  • All recipes can be prepared on their own so this book can also be used like a normal cookbook
  • Large 288 pages, full color photographs of each recipe
  • Plus over 500 preparation photographs to show you how it is done and give you confidence to try them out!
  • A beautiful gift or an easy way to begin learning how to cook healthy delicious meals.

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