Social Media Ads to enroll in online Bible Studies

Social Media Ads to enroll in online Bible Studies


The It Is Written Social Media Ad campaign is the new and successful way to find new Bible study interests in your area. Once you have provided your church's zip/postal code (or geographic area) and paid, It Is Written takes care of the rest. A digital ad inviting people in your area (who have shown an interest) to study the Bible will appear online. Your ads will show up on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Audience Network, which includes 100,000+ websites, blogs, and mobile apps. 

All you have to do then is prayerfully and perseveringly follow-up with the individuals who sign up for Bible studies.  

A $500 minimum order is required. More money will mean more ads. So if you would like to spend more than $500 on Social Media Ads in your area, please add more of this item to your cart. For example, if you want to spend $2,000 total, add 4 to your cart. 

Which option is best to send ads to: zip/postal codes or a geographical area (such as city or county) near your church?

It depends on your church location. Here are things to consider: If a zip code is remote, your audience is going to be small, so it is usually better to do it by area. If you have a large number of zip/postal codes, then you may want to consider choosing a certain mile radius around your church. 

The product images are just examples and may not be the final images used in your ads.

**Available in the US and Canada only**

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