The Faith of Desmond Doss

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Learn about the incredible faith of the hero on Hacksaw Ridge. The Faith of Desmond Doss not only tells Desmond’s incredible story but more importantly, it tells the reader about his faith. Desmond refused to carry a gun, but that doesn’t mean he went into battle unarmed. He faced combat with two things more valuable than any man-made weapon–his Bible and prayer. The message of this small book is that through Bible study and prayer, anyone can develop a relationship with God, and achieve greater faith.

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6 reviews for The Faith of Desmond Doss

  1. “Doc”

    sharing booklets

    As a frequent visitor to the Nashville,Tn V A hospital I find this book is so easy to hand out.Veterans are very interested in the story of Desmond Doss. Really anywhere I go,people want to know more about the hero of Hacksaw Ridge. Great booklet

  2. Teach

    Highly recommended!

    Great introduction to Desmond Doss and his beliefs and story. My students studied Medal of Honor recipients this school year and were quite surprised to see it was his story being talked about when Hacksaw Ridge came out!

  3. Ron

    An excellent little book!

    In a society whose heroes are sports stars, Hollywood “celebrities” and dubious politicians, reading about Desmond Doss – a real hero – is refreshing and inspiring. His faith in God challenges us to move forward in life trusting the Creator of the Universe. This book is a great witnessing tool and conversation starter to help people on the road to a heroic life trusting in the Lord for guidance, provision, and protection.

  4. Ruthy

    Great Job!!!

    I’m very grateful for your ministry and products you offer I will continue to support in the future thank you

  5. Jr.

    A great witnessing tool

    This little booklet says so much! It tells the story of Cpl. Doss, and lets the reader know where the source of his strength came from. Many who would not read a larger book will gobble this one up. An excellent tool to use to share your faith.

  6. Tia (verified owner)

    This is a great little book that I like to give out for our visitors. The life of Desmond Doss was very inspirational and I find that since its small, people are willing to take it even if only to read on the train/bus while commuting. Excellent tool to share faith with others!

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