Revelation Today with John Bradshaw 2015 CD



Revelation Today – The Mysteries Revealed is a comprehensive study series that focuses on the prophecies of the Bible—especially the book of Revelation. Based entirely on the Word of God, Revelation Today lets the Bible speak for itself, and takes series participants on an exciting journey through the major themes of the Bible.

19 CD set

Set includes the following topics:

1. Can God Be Trusted?

2. Seeing the Signs

3. Is There Hope for a Planet in Crisis?

4. The Messiah and the Judgment

5. The Second Coming of Jesus

6. Peace on Earth

7. Quality Time

8. The Day That Disappeared

9. The Mystery of Death

10. Revelation’s Lake of Fire

11. The Mystery Beast of Revelation

12. The United States in Bible Prophecy

13. The Mark of the Beast

14. Buried and Forgotten by God

15. Living Life to the Fullest

16. The Fall of Babylon

17. In Search of the Church

18. The Man God Tried to Kill

19. The Work of the Spirit

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