The Methuselah Factor Bundle (Book + 30 Daily Videos + Group Coaching)

$99.00 $49.00

The Bundle includes:

The Methuselah Factor Book ($18.95 value)

Thirty 5-6 min. Daily Coaching Videos by Dr. David DeRose ($19.95 value)

Group Coaching via LifeStart Clinics

  • Complimentary Strategy Session
  • Access to Helpful Video and Article Resources
  • Public and Private Group Support
  • 10-day Customizable Meal Plan
  • Daily SMS Text Reminders


Daily instruction plus personalized coaching to help you live sharper, leaner, longer, and better—in 30 days or less!

Based on cutting-edge scientific research and time-honored studies made popular in Dr. David DeRose’s book, The Methuselah Factor, the LifeStart Clinics 30-day Personal Coaching Program is designed to help you optimize your blood flow—the missing link to turning back the clock on disease, poor quality of life, and aging in general—through daily instruction and personalized support from a LifeStart Coach.

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