LifeStart Seminars DVD Set

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Twelve, approximately 30-minute, programs make up this dynamic, cutting-edge series. In each of the dozen programs, David DeRose, MD, MPH, tackles a major disease or condition, providing practical scientific insights into how to prevent or treat the malady—without expensive drugs or surgical procedures.

This series is great for workplaces, community centers, places of worship—or right in your own home. Use it to deliver a comprehensive weekly health emphasis series over the space of a quarter, or use one program per month for a year-long health focus. In fact, some are calling the series, the “#1 Comprehensive Health Ministry Program” because of its ability to impact such a broad range of conditions and individuals.

The twelve programs in the series are entitled:

1.    Lose Weight Naturally

2.    Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

3.    Maximize Mental Performance Naturally

4.    Lower Hypertension Naturally

5.    Improve Lung Function Naturally

6.    Relieve Arthritis Naturally

7.    Overcome Addictions Naturally

8.    Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally

9.    Prevent Cancer Naturally

10.  Avoid Colds and Flus Naturally

11.  Reverse Diabetes Naturally

12.  Defeat Dementia Naturally

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6 hours

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