Help! I’ve Been Blessed!



Today it’s faith vs. finance, the gloves are off, and nowhere is the battle more intense than deep, secretly deep, inside our hearts.

Julian Archer learned the hard way that when a person prospers, either God gains a partner, or the person loses their soul. He knows all too well that when we feel abundantly blessed, we are often in the most spiritually dangerous stage of our lives.

Julian takes us on a frighteningly honest, soul-baring journey into the world of a successful, Christian businessman. He’s an outwardly blessed man with a sinister and secret struggle—an eternal life and death battle—to try and keep God’s blessings from becoming curses.

  • Is passive income just for passive Christians?
  • Is owning more than one home spiritual suicide?
  • How can we raise godly children in a materialistic society?
  • Is there a secret to serving God and money—simultaneously?
  • Are there any true Christians in the richest 1% of people on earth?

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