Can God Be Trusted? (Bible Study Guide 1)

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Bible study lesson about trusting God

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In a world where trust is in short supply, is there any evidence that God keeps His word?

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15 reviews for Can God Be Trusted? (Bible Study Guide 1)

  1. Cmar

    Great Bible lesson

    Love this Bible lesson. I’ve used it in my Bible studies with several people and it’s a great way to start a study

  2. Carnes

    100% Happy

    Our Pastor is holding a series of meetings using this study guide. The church is excited to witness God at work, we are very optimistic.
    Thank you for quality resources and services.
    May God continue to bless the IIW ministries.

  3. Jason

    Excellent guides

    I like these studies because they are fill in the blank. They work really great to engage an interest as you are building report and trust with an interest. And if you haven’t checked out the Salt 365 that goes into teaching you how to use them and the follow through, you should right away.

  4. Nicole

    I can’t wait to start lesson 2, am looking forward on finishing all lessons

    Is sad that I only have lesson 1, thinking that I ordered the correct lesson for myself. I love to read, and this lesson is perfect for me not only it brings me closer to God, but it strengthen my relationship with God.

  5. David (verified owner)

    I appreciate how these guides provide an introduction into why God’s Word can be trusted.

  6. Filip Milosavljevic (verified owner)

    Seriously the best series of Bible Studies I’ve used. I have done them with teenagers and adults alike. They all really like them.

  7. billingschurchoffice (verified owner)

    We studied these as a small group and really enjoyed them! They were clear and very helpful!

  8. wayne.livingood (verified owner)

    great Bible studies – doing them with my family !

  9. Roger


  10. Aaron Mraz (verified owner)

    Great guide to get started

  11. Linda Hamstra (verified owner)

    Informational and easy to understand

  12. John Newsom (verified owner)

    Excellent lesson material

  13. Dee

    Really thankful for a Christ centered well designed set of studies.

  14. Jovania

    The service was so fast and swift and enjoyable, thank you so much

  15. Bertha (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Great Bible studies

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