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In 1921, more than 300 people were massacred, thousands were left homeless, and an entire town destroyed when people turned on their fellow citizens—in the United States of America. That raises an important question: What kind of person would do that? The answer is surprising. Join Pastor John Bradshaw on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as we look at the challenge faced by every person—the challenge of a sinful heart.

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1 review for Black Wall Street DVD

  1. Sherryll Summers (verified owner)

    I saw this on TBN and had to order it. John Bradshaw take on the Black Wall street Massacre was so thorough and enlightening!!!!..His profound approach on
    Relating this massacre to non-Believers in Jesus, was such an eye opener!!..He posed the question, WHAT kind of people what do This? and THEN ANSWERED IT!..Well done John,.I had to have this VIDEO in my history library AND IT IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!