An Incredible Dream (My Place with Jesus Guide 16)

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God knows what the future holds.

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1 review for An Incredible Dream (My Place with Jesus Guide 16)

  1. Gabbie S. (verified owner)

    This is my 8 year old’s favorite Bible Study of the My Place With Jesus set. He got a stack of ten to take to summer camp in case other boys wanted to do the study guide with him during quiet time. At first I thought to correct him to choose a Bible study guide that other children might be more interested in such as the fire engine one but then the thought came to my mind, “Would it be better to choose the Bible study that others might want or the Bible study that the giver would be most enthusiastic to give?” Children are attracted to enthusiasm. I am looking forward to my son coming home from summer camp and hearing his stories. Hope others find joy in this study as well!! 🙂

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