It Is Written Every Day Bible (NKJV) (with Ron Halvorsen Memorial)

It Is Written Every Day Bible (NKJV) (with Ron Halvorsen Memorial)

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Ron Halvorsen Memorial

Experience a whole new level of visual comfort and biblical study with this reference Bible. Featuring a foreword by Pastor John Bradshaw, many study aids to strengthen your Bible reading—this new pew Bible from It Is Written is a beautiful gift and has the tools to enhance your time exploring the meaning of God’s Word.

**This edition features a dedication note in memory of Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr. on the inner cover and front page.

The Bible contains:

» Presentation page

» Foreword by John Bradshaw

» End-of-verse references and translation notes

» Bible book introductions

» Stars in margin indicating Messianic prophecies

» Words of Jesus in red

» Concordance

» Biblical maps

»“The Bible: Written For You” feature at the back of the Bible by John Bradshaw

» Reference lists of the Parables and Miracles of Jesus

» Two It Is Written Bible Study Guide lessons

» 11 point font

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