Answers In Prophecy Presenter Notes

Answers In Prophecy Presenter Notes


Presenter Notes from Answers In Prophecy - pdf download

There’s so much happening in the world today, and it can be difficult to make sense of it all. This series will answer questions such as: Where are we in earth’s history? Are there prophetic messages meant for people today?

Answers in Prophecy will look at the Bible to understand what’s happening in the world today. 

Topics Include:

1.     Surviving the Election

2.     The Rise and Fall of World Leaders

3.     Who Really Controls the World?

4.     Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation

5.     Making Sense of Signs and Symbols

6.     Prophecies of Hope

7.     Time Prophecies That Point to Our Day

8.     Earth’s Final Warning

9.     Plagues and Promises

10.  Beyond the Future

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